What Happens When BioShock Infinite Responds to Criticism: Commentary on Burial At Sea Episode 2

Fair warning: this will contain major spoilers for Burial At Sea: Episode 2.



Nineteen Years of Failure


When I was a kid—probably about six or seven years old, but I can’t be sure—my parents brought home a new PC. With the new PC came some new PC games. One of these games was Descent, a 3D first-person-shooter-meets-flight-simulator in which players explore intricate, maze-like mines to destroy mining robots infected with an alien virus—and then the mines themselves. I can’t remember what it was that seized me with a desire to play it, but at some point the desire struck me and wouldn’t let me go.


Industry Logic: Some Thoughts on Game Dev Story

game dev story

With some prompting from a friend, I recently downloaded and started Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story. It’s a cute little game. You manage an up-and-coming video game studio—hiring employees, picking combinations of types and genres to create games you hope will sell, advertising your upcoming titles, purchasing licenses for development kits, choosing a presentation for your booth at the game’s equivalent of PAX, so on.